Finding Your Rainbow 


        Realizing Your Infinite Potential!


Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  Finding Your Rainbow is a healing center that offers a wide variety of modalities enhancing your body, mind and spirit. 

Our goal is to help you find your personal pot of gold—homeostasis (a state of balance in the body).

We each have a rainbow within our body, our chakras (see picture below). As research is showing, dis-ease starts in our energy field long before manifesting as physical conditions.  When our energy fields are clear and balanced we feel better physically, mentally and emotionally causing less stress, more joy and happiness.


Do you have a pain or a medical condition?  Is traditional medicine or therapies helping as much as you hoped?  Are you looking for more joy, or happiness, or in need of help from an imbalance or dis-ease?

Why not consider trying something new and different?  Some of the modalities available which you can check out on this website are, Acutonics®, Body-Feedback™, Reconnective Healing®, and also information on using therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

I love working with both humans and animals. You will see Finding Your Rainbow has a variety of healing modalities available for everyone.  

I hope you find the information interesting and of value.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a session.  Remember, distance is no obstacle, I practice worldwide.

Healthfully Yours,

Kathy Sullivan -- Hamilton, MA, USA

The logo at the top right hand corner is "The Tree of Peace," painted by Josephine Wall.  This painting is a 4x6 canvas hanging in the Healing Room at Finding Your Rainbow.  Everyday, I see new things which I did not see before.  I hope you enjoy as much as we do!

                                               Tree of Peace

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